Sunday, November 27, 2011

Where people end up

I serve on a board that examines candidates for ministry. A few years ago a man came before us who wanted to be a pastor. We asked him, "What are your hopes for your future ministry?"

He said, "My grandfather was a switchmaster for a railroad. His job was to take a piece of metal twelve miles long and mechanically move it six inches in one direction or another. He had to know where each train was supposed to go. It wasn't a huge job, but it was important because if he made a mistake, the train ended up in the wrong place."

Then the candidate for ministry added, "I do not have great ministerial gifts, but I'd like to take the gifts I have been given and use them faithfully. I believe that if I do that it will make a difference in where people end up."

We approved him.

You do not need to be the most gifted person around to make a huge difference.

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