Sunday, July 22, 2012

You Can't Take it With You

When I was a boy my family and my Sunday school teachers would often remind me that you can't take anything with you to heaven. Even today I hear people saying things like, "There are no pockets in funeral shrouds," or "You'll never see a funeral Hurst pulling a U-Haul," or "You can't take it with you."

You may be surprised to discover that according to the "good book" you take something with you. The last book in the Bible says our "works" follow us! The word "works" refers to all the things we have said, done, and experienced; all the moments for which we have been fully present. The truth is if you were to go to heaven without these "works," it wouldn't really be you there.

If you added up all the moments in your live that you have been fully alive doing good, how much time would it amount to? Five minutes? One hour? Ten hours? No matter how you figure it, you haven't been fully alive, doing good cumulatively for very long. We have slept-walked through most of our life.

If you want to take a lot with you to the other side, wake up and start doing good things.

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