Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No Failure is Final

Mohandas Gandhi, the founder of modern India, was not always a hero. As a young man he was considered a mediocre student with no discernable talents. He got married at age thirteen to the daughter of a family friend. The marriage got off to a rocky start. His wife found him to be impatient, immature, jealous and controlling.

Gandhi wanted to become a physician, but in college he flunked his science courses. He returned home in disgrace.

Through family connections, Gandhi went to England and managed to become a lawyer. But, his legal career was a failure.

Through another family connection he got a bookkeeping job in South Africa. It was there that Gandhi developed a philosophy of life that changed India and the world.

Martin Luther King Jr. learned the principle of non-violent resistance from Mohandas Gandhi.

No failure is final.

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