Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Try Harder

Who is the greatest basketball player to have ever lived? Most people would say it was Michael Jordan.

Did you know that Michael could not make his high school varsity team when he was a sophomore? He was cut in pre-season workouts. He played junior varsity ball.

The defeat hurt him. He went home and cried. He was overwhelmed by feelings of disappointment and embarrassment. He almost quit. Yet his mother counseled him to go out and play J-V ball. She said, "Prove to the coach that he was wrong."

Jordan started working on his game year round, morning and night. The rest is history - high school All-State and All-American, an NCAA National title, twice College All-American, six NBA championships, five Most Valuable Player Awards, twelve All-Star Teams, and two Olympic Gold Medals.

Are you stung by defeat and rejection? Don't quit. Try harder.

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  1. A really good message for me today!!! I will be trying harder starting today. Thanks Jim.
    Nancy Berger