Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Animals Within Us

Carl Sandburg has a poem in which he talks about the zoo of animals that were within him. I can identify with this poem. There is a horde of wild animals within me as well.
There is a hippopotamus within me that wants to wallow around in laziness.
There is a lion inside me that roars and is dangerous.
There is a snake in me that is subtle and deceptive.
But the key line of Sandburg's poem is the one that says, "But I am the keeper of the zoo." In other words, I am the one responsible for keeping all these destructive potentials within me in check. I have been given the power of choice and my decisions determine my destiny.
The object of life is not to decide whom to pin the blame on but to take what life deals to us and to accept responsibility for our own future.

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