Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Honesty and Humility

When my oldest son was a freshman in college, we bought him a ticket to come home from North Carolina for Thanksgiving. On Tuesday night we waited at the airport for him to arrive. No Jimmy. We called his dorm room and he answered the phone.

He naively thought that he had an airplane ticket that could fly anytime he wanted to. He had not noticed that his ticket had a date, an hour, and a destination.
I said, "Go out to the airport tomorrow. Explain to the people at the airlines that you are an ignorant, naïve freshman in college. Beg them to help you. Who knows, someone might feel sorry for you."

He flew in the next day. Most of the time nothing works better than honesty and humility.


  1. If you tell the truth you do not have to remember anything. Mark Twain

    Make Your Needs Known
    Day 201

    Make your financial needs known to other people. Everyone has financial ups and downs. Don't let pride stand in the way of letting someone be a blessing to you.

    Another angle on humility. MH