Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Hurry Sickness."

Many of us have what I call "hurry sickness."

When we are driving and moving toward a red light, we mentally calculate the number of cars in each lane and move toward the lane that we project will move the fastest. If we guess wrong, it makes us angry.

 When we are in the grocery store, we evaluate the lines before we get in one. As the checker processes the groceries in front of us, we calculate where we would be now if we had gotten in another line. Or if we are in one of those "15 items or under" lines, we count the items in the baskets of the people in front of us.

I call it "hurry sickness." We need to relax, breathe deeply and enjoy the trip. It doesn't matter who finishes first. Your great need is not to be faster but to live your life better.

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