Saturday, September 15, 2012

You Know

A retail store owner kept a parrot near the front door. A man, accompanied by his homely wife, walked into the store one day. The parrot said to them, "Hey, you!"

The man replied, "What is it?"

The parrot exclaimed, "Your wife is ugly!"

The store owner immediately took the bird to a back room, slapped him, plucked out some of his feathers, and put him in a closet. Two weeks later, the owner, thinking the bird had learned his lesson, put him back by the front door.

And would you believe it? That same day, the man and his homely wife walked in the store. Again the parrot said, "Hey, you!" Again the man responded, "What is it?"

This time, the bird looked at the woman, hesitated, and said, "You know."

I love that story.

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