Tuesday, December 13, 2011


We learn to talk somewhere between the end of our first year and the beginning of our second year of life. But, according to experts, we begin to hear even before birth. And the last organ to survive is our ears. People's ears are technically capable of receiving sound waves after they die.

What is the point? We should talk to our babies even before we welcome them into the world. And, we should talk to our loved ones even when people tell us they can no longer hear us.

Many years ago I was badly injured. I was comatose and hooked up to a breathing machine. I remember the nurses saying to people who were in my room, "He doesn't hear you and even if he did, he would not remember it later." But, I did hear. I'm sure I was in and out of consciousness, but there were times I was alert even though my eyes were closed. I do remember what was said to me.

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