Sunday, December 18, 2011

Follow the Leader

Have you ever heard an orchestra tune up? It is chaotic. You wonder about the disharmony and confusion. You know the musicians are skilled or they would not be on the stage, but the music they are producing is anything but pleasing.

Then on to the stage comes the conductor. There is a friendly applause, then silence. The conductor raises his baton and suddenly, almost magically, angelic sounds fill the air. Instead of fighting one another as they were before, the various instruments compliment each other. The symphonic strains stir the hearts of the audience.

So what's so special about the conductor that his presence changes everything? It is not that he or she is the best musician in the room. The reason this conductor changes the musical atmosphere is because everyone in the orchestra chooses to follow his or her lead.

Businesses, schools, government agencies and churches - none of them functions well unless everyone respects the authority of the leader.

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