Friday, December 30, 2011

Tug in my heart

A little boy was flying his kite high in the sky. Soon a low-drifting cloud engulfed the kite and hid it from view. A man passing by asked the boy what he was doing with a string in his hand. The boy replied, "Flying my kite." The man looked up and seeing no kite said, "I don't see a kite up there. How can you be sure there is a kite up there?" The child responded, "I don't see it either, but I know my kite is up there because every once in a while there is a little tug on my string."

When people ask me why I believe in God, I think of that story. I do not see the Holy One; I can't prove anything; there is no objective evidence. But, every now and then I feel a tug in my heart and I know he's there.


  1. Funny that's a similar story and the same reference I use to describe my faith and feeling of faith. As someone that works with science and technology daily this is how I communicate my faith to those who are not religious. Of course science and God don't preclude each other, least not that I see actually very complimentary.

  2. Hi Jim! Positively wonderful and something I feel, understand and have the "knowing" of the "tug".....I have a saying, Jim, when it comes to God, my faith and walk with Our is...once you "know" that you "know" you "know" took about a decade of learning, reading, writing, listening, hearing God and "knowing" it was "God"...I finally realized...I "know"... I "know"...I "know"... :)what an awesome feeling to be in "The Know" with God! Thanks for your wonderful and enlightening "Daily Awakenings" .... I look forward to them and read them "daily"! God Bless You and Thank You!

    Hugs, Love and Light,

    A grateful reader,

    Suzanne :)