Saturday, December 3, 2011

True Beauty

There is a fairy tale about a beautiful young maiden who was imprisoned in a tower by a wicked witch. Over and over the witch told the young girl how ugly she was.

One day the young maiden was gazing out the window of the tower. Prince Charming saw her and immediately fell in love with her. The young girl threw her uncut hair out of the window. It fell to the bottom of the tower. The prince braided her hair into a ladder and climbed up to rescue her. Prince Charming showed the young maiden herself in the mirror and she discovered that she was not ugly after all. She was beautiful.

What is true for the young maiden is true for many of us. We are tyrannized by a false understanding of ourselves. We need to see our true beauty mirrored in the eyes of another in order to be liberated from the towers of self-loathing in which we have become imprisoned.

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