Friday, June 29, 2012

Exit Ramp

Our family still laughs about a former baseball pitcher named Pasquale Perez. The Atlanta Braves carried him on their roster for a couple of years during the 1980's. It was Pasquale's first day to pitch for the Braves.

It was also his Major League debut. He never showed up. He was new to the city and no one showed him how to find the exit ramp nearest the baseball stadium. So he kept going around the Atlanta loop, the way the Griswold family kept circling Paris' Arc of Triumph in the movie, "European Vacation."

Poor Pasquale finally ran out of gas and someone took him to the baseball stadium. He arrived two hours after the game was over.

He reminds me of some people I know. They keep doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. They repeat the same destructive pattern because they can't seem to find the exit ramp.

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