Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wish I Had Given More

I once served a church in South Georgia which had a beautiful sanctuary. It was built in the early part of the twentieth century by the efforts and financial contributions of a man named Dr. McKenzie.

Dr. McKenzie came to town as a physician, but soon discovered he could make a better living for his family as a land broker. He became very wealthy, and, as I said earlier, used much of his wealth to build the church.

During the depression Dr. McKenzie suffered financial reversals, and ended up going broke.

Some of Dr. McKenzie's grandchildren were still alive while I was the pastor there. One day one of them told me about a discussion she had with Dr. McKenzie when he was an old man. "Grandaddy, are you sorry you gave so much money to build the church?" she asked. His answer was classic. "Are you kidding!" he exclaimed. "All I have now is what I gave away. I just wish I had given more."

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