Friday, June 1, 2012

Public School Teacher

Being a public school teacher is a tough job.
 We ask our teachers to correct the students disruptive behavior, watch for signs of abuse, monitor dress, and instill in them a love for learning. They must check their backpacks for weapons and drugs, warn them about sexually transmitted diseases, encourage them about good sportsmanship, and raise their sense of self-esteem. A teacher's  job description includes making sure everyone gets a balanced diet, is checked regularly for head lice, is observed for signs of anti-social behavior, and passes the state exams. Teachers are expected to get along with the administration and faculty, enjoy PTA functions, be respected by students, and communicate with parents. They are to work hard during school hours, grade papers and do lesson plans at home, keep up with continuing education, and live on a salary that qualifies them or food stamps.
  What a job! No wonder they get the summer off!

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  1. A friend passed on this awakening to me.
    Thank you for recognizing why teachers need the summer off, Jim!
    All the best,
    Lisa Curry