Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Black Holes

More than thirty years ago, Cambridge astro-physicist, Stephen Hawkins, discovered "black holes" in space. He said the gravitational pull of these collapsed stars was so great that matter could not escape from their vast celestial vortexes. Hawkins even wondered if black holes were not some sort of passageway into a rival solar system. He pondered whether matter might be able to float back and forth between solar systems.

 But in 2004, Hawkins changed his mind. He now says matter cannot disappear,even in a black hole. Particles that enter black holes always reappear, even though the re-emerged material will be in an altered form.

Sometimes we humans find ourselves sucked into spiritual black holes. The light dies out. We feel ourselves pulled into inescapable darkness. We fear we will never find our way out. The good news is we can, but when we re-emerge, we are altered. We are wiser, braver, and humbler. And we see reality more clearly.

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