Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finding the Gold in People

A friend of Charles Williams, the English author, said this of him: "He found gold in all of us and made it shine." What a wonderful compliment! I wish more people had a talent for finding something beautiful that was hidden from public view, and to help people to see it, believe it, and lay claim to it.

 I am told by geologists that gold is seldom located on the earth’s surface, and it is not usually found in large chunks. Gold is located beneath the earth, and it is mixed in with other rock formations. As a matter of fact, most people are not able to identify gold with the naked eye. It therefore has to be excavated, mined, and refined. The refining process is about separating the gold from the non-gold products.

 May you have the eyes to see the gold that lies underneath the surface in the people around you, and may you have the patient persistence to make it shine.

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