Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stop Look Listen

When I was a boy, most railroad crossing signs had three words printed on them: "STOP. LOOK. LISTEN." These commands were intended to keep people from being killed by passing trains, but on a spiritual level, we would all live better lives if we could learn to observe these three words.

"Stop." Each of us needs to take stock every now and then. We tend to put the wrong things at the top of the list and to get our values out of focus. The problem is we do not know it unless we stop long enough to think.

"Look." We need to open our eyes to the pageant of the seasons, to the miracles of death and resurrection that are unfolding around us all the time. We miss the drama of life because we live with our eyes shut.

"Listen." Every wind is Tchaikovsky; every rain is Chopin; every stream is Beethoven – if we would listen.

"Stop. Look. Listen:" Three good words for today.

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