Saturday, June 18, 2011

Core Life Philosophy

Here is one of my core life philosophies.

Each one of us has a God-given bank of energy that I call a "life force." When you use up all the energy you have for a given day, and there is more you have to do, you can dip into your "life force" and get the energy to get the job done. But your "life force" is like a bank you can make withdrawals from but you cannot make deposits into. When you make a withdrawal from your "life force" you are permanently diminished. These withdrawals are what I call "aging." When we use up more energy than we actually have, we age our bodies prematurely.

The trick to living life is to use our daily allotment of energy and then to stop – to choose not to dip into our "life force" bank. Naturally there are times of crisis when each of us must use more energy than we have, but this should not be our lifestyle.

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