Sunday, June 19, 2011

Don’t live a second-hand life

I own some stock in a company that is planning an upcoming annual meeting. Realizing that I might not be able to go to the meeting in Los Angeles, they sent me a form so I could assign my votes to their designated proxy. The idea of a proxy set me to thinking.
I know a lot of people who live by proxy. They go to movies and read novels to experience romance vicariously. They go to athletic events and pay others to play for them. They adopt other people’s ideas, thereby letting other do their thinking for them. They pay professionals to do their serving for them. I could go on and on.
I urge you; I plead with you: Don’t live a second-hand life. Get out of your easy chair and enter into the scrap of life. Experience the agony and the ecstasy of romantic love. Enter the arena and play the game. Learn to think your own thoughts. Get your hands dirty serving others. Choose not to live by proxy.

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