Monday, June 27, 2011

Poor George

Now and then, the ushers at our church find interesting notes left behind in pews or hymnals. They are written on the backs of envelopes or on scraps of left over bulletins.

Here are samples of notes found recently:

 "Do you love George?"


 "Then why do you keep going out with him?"

 "Cause no one else ever asks me."

 Poor George.

 How about this note:

"Is he ever going to quit?"

I think that one is about me.

 But this is my favorite one:

"He makes me want to believe I can be a better person."

 I hope that one is about me.

That would be a pretty neat epitaph, wouldn’t it? "He or she made people want to believe they could be a better person." That’s about as big a compliment as someone could ever give you.

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