Friday, March 23, 2012


Someone once said, "We are all actors on the stage of life." Let's think about that analogy for a moment.

If we are actors on the stage of life, then the people who we work around and live around are the audience. All the audience sees is a neat, orderly performance. They do not see what is backstage. Have you ever been backstage at a play? What you see is disorder, chaos, and a bunch of false fronts. Things are not as they appear to the audience.

Most of us have a "backstage" view of ourselves, which produces shows. But we want others to have a "front stage" view of us. We do not want our audience to see our faults, weaknesses, immaturities or lack of development. So we erect facades and become actors, hypocrites - someone else altogether.

What a strange, hollow, lonely, inauthentic way to live.

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