Sunday, March 4, 2012

Make Today Count

I'm not a golfer, but I like the game. Golf has many parallels to life.

The best thing about golf is when you make a bad shot, you can make it up with the next shot. The same is true in life. Every morning when the sun comes up we get another shot at life. What we did yesterday, for good or for evil, counts, but our bad decision does not end the game. And if we choose to continue in the path of "doing the next right thing" one day our misstep will be only a distant memory.

I know plenty of people who have made serious errors and used them for good. I have a friend who went to prison and later received a pardon, went to law school, and is now a criminal defense attorney specializing in helping young men like himself. No matter how badly we have messed up we can still make decisions that will alter the ultimate outcome of our lives.

So do yourself a favor- make today count for good.

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