Saturday, March 3, 2012


Most people claim to hate politics. We tell jokes about politicians: "Did you hear the one about the politician who...?" Unfortunately many politicians are worthy of these verbal jibes.

But politics is unavoidable. I like to say, "When two or more are gathered together there will always be politics." If we could do away with politics and politicians, do you know what would replace it? Totalitarianism! That is not a very appealing alternative.

Politics is how conflicts are peaceably resolved between legitimate competing interests in a free society. Sure, it's messy- like making sausage. And it's imperfect- justice is not always done and the most qualified candidates are not always elected.

I admire the people who run for public office. They set themselves up for the kind of microscopic scrutiny and public harassment that most of us would go to great lengths to avoid. People who do not know them are forever impugning their motives. It takes courage and self-esteem to endure these attacks.

So let's go easier on politicians. Let's hope that good people who can wisely govern our city, county, state, and nation will willingly undergo the rigors of the electoral process. And most important, let's all vote.

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