Monday, March 12, 2012

Balcony or Basement

Everyone has what a writer calls "balcony people" and "basement people" in their lives. Balcony people are those who have spoken to us words of encouragement and support. They have been our life-givers. Basement people are the folks whose words have knocked the breath out of us. Their words have brought discouragement, self-doubt, and despair in our lives.

Not all of our balcony people and basement people are still living. Even though these folks are not around, their words still echo in our brains.

So who are your balcony people? And who are your basement people?

The trick is to listen to your balcony people. Marinade in the words they have spoken into your life and choose to let the word of your basement people evaporate.

Let the amount of your balcony people be multiplied. Let the amount of your basement people be divided.

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