Friday, March 2, 2012

Physical Beauty

There is an old saying about Eleanor, the homely wife of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It seems that she got on an elevator with a man who was inebriated. Eleanor said, "Young man, you are drunk." The fellow looked at Mrs. Roosevelt and replied, "Yep, and you are ugly. And, do you know what? I'll sober up tomorrow but you'll still be stuck with your face."

Well, Eleanor Roosevelt may have been ugly, but she accomplished incredible things in her lifetime. She labored tirelessly to improve the plight of the poor. She became the spokesperson for her paralyzed husband. She championed worthy causes like the Red Cross and the League of Women Voters. She wrote a daily newspaper column. She was a U.S. delegate to the United Nations.

When Mrs. Roosevelt died in 1962, she had been voted the most admired woman in America for eleven years in a row.

There are things more important than physical beauty.

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