Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lost Dog

We lost our beloved dog, Nell, the other day. Susan and I scoured the community on foot and in cars. We asked everyone we met if they had seen her and we told them how to get in touch with us if they saw her. We examined the side of the roads nearby to see if her wounded or dead body was lying there. We contacted the Constable and asked him to put a description of Nell in his neighborhood watch email. Our frantic search went on for three hours, but it was fruitless. Our beloved border collie was lost.

Then Susan opened the pantry door and there Nell was. We had somehow closed the door locking her inside. She heard us calling for her, but she was non-responsive because she was locked in with her treats! Smart dog!

For days everyone in the neighborhood expressed their concern about our dog. Talk about embarrassing!

Most of the time our problems are of our own making, and our solutions are under our nose.

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