Saturday, July 16, 2011


Do you know why we spend so much money on entertainment? To escape from the realities of our lives for a few minutes. We want to get away from our boring existence and vicariously engage in things that are stimulating, exciting, adventurous. We know it is escapism, make-believe, even illusion, but we want some relief.

 So we go to movies. We attend concerts. We read love stories and fictional stories. We watch television "reality" programs. We go to athletic contests. We’ll do anything, go anywhere, spend anything, in order to get away from things as they are and bathe our souls for a brief while in the world of illusion. And whenever the pain of reality returns, we go back for another fix.

 Some even say that religion is sweet illusion. I think not. The only enduring realities are the eternal. And your Creator can enable you to face the world of reality.

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