Thursday, July 21, 2011

"No One Gets into and Out of this World Without Pain."

Some of us are fortunate enough to go through life without going to jail, losing a job, or suffering disability. But none of us will succeed in going through life without the sky falling on them. As someone once said, "No one gets into and out of this world without pain."

If you have a spiritual understanding of reality that tells you that if you are a good person and faithful to your religion that bad things will never happen to you – you’re in trouble. It is just not true. And when the sky falls on you, the disappointment is going to be incredible.

 The cathedrals of Europe are empty because good Christians thought bad things could not happen to them, and then World Wars I and II happened. Israel is full of atheists because good Jews thought bad things could not happen to them, and the Holocaust happened.

Bad things do happen. The only advantages believers have are the power to see it through, and the hope that the worst can be the means of something good.

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