Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Which one of us would not like to be "up" all the time? We would all like to live on an emotional high, to feel joy and peace all day, every day. But life is not like that, is it? We are assaulted by negative feelings. We battle adverse moods. Our serenity and tranquility is irregular and fluctuating at best. All of us suffer from discouragement, disillusionment, and depression.

But there is one spiritual characteristic we can maintain which will hold us steady even when contrary emotional winds are blowing. It is called hope. We can hold on to hope regardless of circumstances: sunshine or shadow, weal or woe.

Hope is the stubborn conviction that we are not in a closed universe. We have a Creator who loves us, is with us, and is going to have the last word. All is not lost because we are still breathing. Who knows? Things may turn around today.

If things are going badly for you, tie a knot and hold on to hope.

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