Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Just Get By."

If you are in school, let me tell you what your greatest enemy is. It is feeling like it’s O.K. to "just get by.
"Who wants to be the valedictorian! Just so long as I can get by."

"I know I’ll never be a star on the team. I just plan to get by."

These folks are aiming for the middle of the pack. They are doing little more than passing by the skin of their teeth, being an "also-ran" on the team.

So what’s wrong with that? After all, they are getting by. Yes, but they are developing habits that will punish them for the rest of their lives. And sometimes, as a result, life trips them up, and they don’t get by.

Always do your best. Never hold back. You may not become the valedictorian or the captain of the team, but you’ll develop habits that will ultimately make you a winner in life.

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