Saturday, September 17, 2011

For No Good Reason

There is nothing in life that feels better than acceptance. Acceptance is unconditional, positive regard. It is the essence of true love.

Acceptance means you don't have to prove anything. You are not being measured, judged, or evaluated. It means you are alright, acceptable just like you are. When you are accepted, it means you're okay; you're not on a performance basis.

When you truly accept people just as they are - with all their issues, faults, and problems, the best way to explain it is not to try to explain it. Why do you accept me as I am? "For no good reason;" that's why.

When you love someone, it's not because of what he or she has or will do. If it is, then that person has to fear not being loved because of not doing or having. The best explanation for love and acceptance is "for no good reason."

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