Friday, September 2, 2011

Subjective Truth

Earlier in my life, I gave up on subjective truth. I decided to only believe in things I could see, prove, and hold in my hands. But, life has taught me that subjective truth is more real than objective truth.

For example, is a rock real? Not really. Scientists will tell you that all matter is composed of atoms, and atoms are mostly empty space – a few particles circulating in empty space. Even the nucleus of the atom, as well as the protons and neutrons inside the nucleus, are largely empty space.

If you took the massive Rock of Gibraltar and took out all the empty space, it would be microscopic in size. There are no solids in the universe.

I have come to believe that subjective reality is more real than objective reality. So, don't neglect non-material, spiritual things – like faith, hope, and love. They matter more than all the matter in the world.

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