Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Good Thing or A Bad Thing

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether what happens to you is a good thing or a bad thing. There were two middle aged women who encountered one another. They had not seen one another in sometime.

One said, "By the way, I just got married."
"How wonderful," answered her friend.
"Not necessarily; he's twice my age," came the reply.
"Oh, that's bad," said her friend. "Not necessarily, he has built me a million dollar house," said the newlywed.
"That's great," chimed her friend.
"Not necessarily, it burned yesterday," she answered.
"How sad," she said in a comforting tone.
"Not necessarily, my husband was in it."

Do you get the point? When something you think is bad happens, sometimes it is the means by which good flows into your life.

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