Thursday, February 2, 2012


In 2002 Aron Ralston abandoned a promising career to move to Colorado. He wanted to pursue his passion for mountain climbing.

So, in April, 2003, he went on a spur of the moment solo trip to the Canyon National Park in Utah. While climbing in Bluejohn Canyon his arm became trapped by an eight hundred pound boulder.

For six days Aron suffered dehydration, hunger and sleeplessness. Convinced that he was going to die, he used his camcorder to record a final good-bye to his parents and younger sister.

Then on day six he received an epiphany. He could use his mini tool to saw through the skin, muscles and tendons of his forearm and then using his body for leverage, snap the bone, thus freeing himself. He did it and then walked six miles until he found help.

That is what you call courage.

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