Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Years ago while watching a televised baseball game I saw the Dodger pitcher, Oral Hershiser, hit a batter with a wild pitch. The cameraman focused up close on Hershiser and I could see him mouthing the words, "I'm sorry." The batter nodded to him, ran to first base, and the game went on. It was a non-event. The announcer did not even take note of it. If a fight had ensued, it would have been part of the game highlights and the subject of much conversation. But the courtesies such as "I'm sorry" and forgiveness was not noteworthy. But watching this exchange made me feel good about Hershiser, the batter, the game, and life. After all these years I still remember it.

What the world needs is more courtesy- and its blood relatives: kindness, empathy, consideration, and appreciation. These seem like little things, but they are very important and they are in short supply. Common courtesy does more than anything else I can think of to foster harmony and social cohesion.

So the next time you make an error, apologize. And the next time someone does something against you, let it go

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