Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Depend on one another

Not long ago I was driving on a lonely, rural, Texas two-line highway. It was near dusk. A car approached coming in the opposite direction. Both of us were traveling somewhere near the speed limit-about 55 miles an hour. As we passed I caught the other driver's eye for a brief second.

For the next few minutes I thought about how dependent we had been on each other as our vehicles passed. We never spoke a word but we nevertheless had an agreement. We counted on one another to stay on our own side of the road. If either one of us had been unwilling to keep this bargain one or both of our lives would have ended.

That is the way the world works. Multiplied millions of times every day transactions like that take place. At some level we all depend on one another. We count on others to do the right thing, to behave cooperatively, to exercise good judgment. We dare not let our brothers and sisters down. Both of our lives could depend on it.

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