Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I want to report something I read recently in the New York Times, not exactly a conservative, Christian publication.

"Most young couples now live together as a safe first step before marriage," wrote Meg Jay, a NYT writer. "But research shows that cohabiting is anything but safe. It makes couples less likely to be satisfied with their marriages, and more likely to divorce later. ...Without saying so, women usually think of living together as a step toward marriage, whereas men tend to view it as a way of auditioning their partner while postponing commitment. As years slide by, the two people find that despite the trial nature of their relationship, they have become bound together by shared leases, wireless contracts, furniture, pets, and friends. Those who work up the courage to split find that the setup and switching costs are nearly as wrenching as a divorce. Others drift into marriage, while secretly wondering whether they have consciously chosen their mate. To increase your chances of a satisfying, lasting relationship, it is best to start with "I do," rather than , 'Maybe we will, and maybe we won't.'"

How 'bout them apples!

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