Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The "Platinum Rule"

You have heard of the "Golden Rule," haven't you? Well, there may be an even higher behavioral rule. It is called the "Platinum Rule." The "Platinum Rule" calls for us not to do unto others what we would have others do to us, but to do unto others what they would have others do unto them.

Let's say you are hardwired such that you don't like large, loud social get-togethers. You prefer small, intimate gatherings. But you have a 40th birthday coming up and a friend wants to throw a birthday bash in your honor. And because of their inner wiring they prefer large, loud parties.

If your friend practices the Golden Rule-doing to you what they would want others to do to them-he or she will throw you a large, loud party. But if your friend practices the Platinum Rule-doing to others what they would have done to them-the birthday celebration would be a small, intimate affair.

Do you get the point?

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