Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rules Don't Apply to Me

What do you suppose would happen if you were arrested driving 90 mph on I-10? The arresting police officer asked why you were speeding and you said, "Your rules don't apply to me."

Or if the IRS audited you and discovered you had not paid income tax in 10 years? When the agent asked you to explain your dereliction of duty you said, "Your rules don't apply to me."

Or, if you explained to your husband or wife that being faithful to one person was too confining for you, that the rules of marriage don't apply to you.

How do you think those things would work out? Let me answer that question: not very well! The universal life rules, focused primarily in the ten commandments, can't be cheated. And they are not multiple choice. When you fudge on the ten commandments, you injure all of humanity and decrease your personal security. When you live by these rules you strengthen society and increase your personal security.

Freedom is not about having no constraints. There is no liberty without responsibility. We all live with restraints, imposed on us by government, relationships, or good judgment. Freedom is about having a range of choices within agreed on moral obligations.

So the next time you hear someone say, "Your rules don't apply to me," call it what it is: immaturity.

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