Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Conversation at the gym

A fellow walked up to me at the gym the other day and asked, "Hey, are you really a preacher?" I assumed he meant the question as a compliment, that I did not look like a clergy-type, so I answered, "Yep, I'm a preacher."

"Wow," he sighed, "Does that mean like you marry people?"

I drew another conclusion-that he was looking for someone to tie the knot for him. Reluctantly I said, "Yes, I do."

And he surprised me. He asked, "Well, what’s your track record? How many of the folks you marry end up getting divorced?"

I was stunned. No one had ever asked me that question. Finally I said, "I don’t keep statistics on it, but I don’t suspect it’s a record to be proud of."

I’ve been thinking about that conversation ever since. I sure am glad that the One I worship and adore grades on the curve.

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