Saturday, October 1, 2011

More Random Thoughts

Here are a few more random thoughts:
  • The idea that money can protect you is an illusion.
  • The key to effective parenting is in saying "yes" as often as possible and saying "no" as infrequently as possibly; but, there must be a few things, based on values, that you say "no" to consistently.
  • Sexual compatibility is not a weather vane of the health of a relationship.
  • The way to have good friendships is to enjoy your friends.
  • Here is a well kept secret: generosity is more satisfying and fun than greed.
  • One of ten biggest troubles in our world is that stupid people are sure and smart folks have doubts.
  • What you value and consider most important ends up determining who you are.
  • We Westerners are the only ones who think we have so much stuff now that another world is unnecessary.

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