Friday, October 28, 2011


I love the story about the man who was anxious and nervous all the time. One day a friend saw him and he was completely transformed. He was calm and serene.

The friend asked, "What has come over you? You seem so tranquil. How did you overcome your nervousness?"

The man responded, "It's an interesting story. I read an ad in the newspaper about a man you could hire to do all your worrying for you. So I hired him and now I do not worry about anything. It has made a huge difference."

"That's wonderful," the friend said in amazement. "How much does he charge you?"

"$10,000 a day," answered the man.

"How can you afford $10,000 a day?" asked the friend. "That's a lot of money!"
To which the man replied, "That's his worry."

Believe it or not, the Bible says we have a Creator who knows us and loves us. He has invited us to cast all our worries upon Him because He cares about us.

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