Sunday, October 30, 2011

My First Funeral in Houston

My first funeral in Houston was a memorable experience. The deceased requested a New Orleans jazz band at the graveside. It was cool. I really liked it.

When it came time for the service to begin the band became quiet and I started to talk. I don’t remember anything I said. All I can remember is how muggy and how hot it was on that July day. The mosquitoes were out in full force. They had declared war on us.

The mother-in-law of the deceased decided to put an end to the mosquitoes. She reached into her purse and pulled out the "Off". She sprayed it on her legs; she sprayed it on the legs of the people around her; she sprayed it in the air. But it wasn’t mosquito repellent, it was mace. Talk about scattering the crowd!

Leave it to your mother-in-law to have the last word.

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