Saturday, October 15, 2011

"the wisdom of Pooh"

The other day a friend died. She was only fifty-two years old, but she had suffered her entire lifetime. She contracted polio when she was two and spent her entire life in a wheelchair. She had every disease you have ever heard of – cancer, heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure. You name it and she had it. Yet she was patient, bright, upbeat, non-complaining and grateful.

My friend's secret was that she did not compare her situation with the life of the people around her. She practiced what she called "the wisdom of Pooh."

My friend had two dogs - a small dog and a large dog. The small dog’s name was "Pooh." She was always impressed that Pooh did not compare her food portion with the portion given the larger dog. Pooh simply savored the food she was given, eating it slowly and enjoying every morsel.

My friend practiced "the wisdom of Pooh." So should we all.

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