Monday, April 16, 2012

Faith & Courage

I'm convinced most people could make one change which would result in a forty percent improvement in their lives. Think about it: one alteration in your thoughts, words, or actions, and suddenly a relationship, a habit, a business, or something else very important to you is dramatically improved. If you could make a forty percent difference by making a single change, why would you hold back?

The answer is most of us think we can't change. We're stuck. We know we should start doing this, or stop doing that, but we can't help ourselves. We've tried over and over in the past, and each time we've failed.

So what is the solution? Faith and courage.

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  1. I agree; having faith in God's love for me and His perspective on what I can become, with the courage to try, is vital. There is one more thing I would add. Support. The support of a friend, spouse, pastor, or group who believes in me, encourages me, and even helps hold me accountable to the change I decided to make. Thank you for the Faith and Courage post!