Monday, April 2, 2012

Present Moment

When William Gladstone was Prime Minister of Great Britain, the son of a dear friend came to him for career counseling. Gladstone asked the young man what his intentions were. He replied, "First, I plan to complete my studies at Oxford."
"What then?" answered Sir Gladstone.
"Well," the young man continued, "I plan to study the law and become a barrister."
"What then?" said the Prime Minister.
"Well, I hope to rise within the party and land a cabinet level post. Perhaps even become the Prime Minister like you one day."
"And then what?" said the Prime Minister.
The young man hesitated and then answered, "Well, I suppose I will retire and then die."
"Yes, and what then?" replied the Prime Minister.
The puzzled student answered, "I've never thought beyond death."
The Prime Minister leaned forward and said, "Young man, go home and think through your life with the end in mind. Then this present moment will take on new meaning."

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