Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hang On

I was half-way around the globe, on the Isle of Saaremaa, in a Baltic country called Estonia. As I walked down a street off the beaten path, I saw it - graffiti - written in English: "Life Sucks."
Whoever plastered those words on the side of the building was fluent in English, angry and disappointed with life, disrespectful of the property of others, and living on the edge of despair.
As I looked at the words, I wondered who he or she was. I wished I could have spent one hour with them to tell them not to give up on life.
Since I could never find the person who wrote the graffiti message, let me speak to one of you who are of the opinion that life sucks.
The good news is that even if things have not gone your way thus far, there is still time for them to improve. The sun came up this morning and you are still breathing, so there is still hope. Decide to hang on a little longer.

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