Monday, April 9, 2012

I apologize

I had an older friend who died several years ago. What he told me is something that made a lasting impression on me. My friend had an aversion to religion. He respected me, but he wanted nothing to do with church - any church.

One day he told me his story. He had been part of the Allied command in Europe during World War II. It was at a time when Benito Mussolini was in control of Italy and the Allied bombers were pounding the country. The Vatican sent a message to his command saying, "Do not bomb the Vatican. We are the Holy City. If you must bomb, bomb somewhere else."

My friend, who had grown up in the church, was shocked and offended. He told me, "I expected them to send us a note saying, 'If you must bomb somewhere, bomb us. We are the Holy City. We can survive anything.'" He went on to say, "It is a sick kind of faith that shelters the holy and lets the world go to hell." I agree.

If you've ever been hurt by hypocritical religions proper, I apologize.


  1. As with all organized religion, faults and weaknesses have occurred. Predominantly due to the sinful nature of humans. However, I feel you and your friend missed the point on this one. I agree that the wording could have read differently, but why would they not ask to be protected? That church performs a lot of good throughout the world and has been instrumental in supplying our religious freedom that we enjoy today. If it had been the Southern Baptist Headquarters do you think that they would not want to be bombed during a war? Any neutral governing body that is religous based would ask to be spared so as to not destroy documents, historical facts and charitable endeavors wouldn't they? And Holy City or Holy See is what it is called even today. I doubt that it was meant as Holier than thou and more deserving than the general population of Italy.