Tuesday, April 10, 2012

He's a Nice Guy

Yesterday I visited a friend at his office. I stopped and asked the security person near the elevator what floor his office was on. When I mentioned my friend's name, the attendant said, "He's a nice guy."

I've been thinking about his comment ever since: He's a nice guy. My friend had made a good impression on someone whom he had no reason to try to impress.

My observation is that the way a person treats folks they do not have to try to impress - waitresses, custodians, security people, and the like - says a lot about them. If you are kind to people you don't have to impress in order to get along in life, you are a nice person. If you are unkind to these people, you are not a nice person.

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  1. I was in a bank a few days ago that my son worked in as a summer job 28 years ago. Due to a lot of people waiting, a lady administrator came over to help. When she saw my last name, she commented that a young man with that last name had worked at the drive through area a long time ago. I told her that it was my son. She said, "He was the nicest person we have ever had as a summer student employee." I was overwhelmed to think she could remember such a thing 28 years later. The great part is that I don't think he has changed one bit from that observation.